Lecture Series Videos, Geothermal Conference, Penrose 25th Anniversary, 2013

These Videos are in the order of the presenters during the conference, enjoy. You can view them either here or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBHQHy4hVyBJQFogrKvKUAg

1. Hot Stratigraphic Reservoirs – The Bridge between Hydrothermal Systems and Large-scale Engineered Geothermal Systems. By Rick Allis.

2. Role of “in siu” permeability and hydraulically induced fractures in controlling fluid flow into wells – insights from petroleum systems, by Kate Baker

3. Basin-filling processes and its impact on geothermal fluid flow: What we know, what we think we know, and what we wish we knew, by John Holbrook.

4. Structural Controls on Permeability and Fluid Flow in Extensional Settings, By Jim Faulds

5. Integrating outcrop analogs and subsurface data for mapping basin- and reservoir -scale properties: by Matthew Pranter.

6. Effects of Pore Fluid Chemistry and Stress on Permeability, by Derek Elsworth.

7. Countering the fear of the unknown in new energy development projects, by Elizabeth Eide

8. A geochemical perspective on assessing / sustaining well productivity, By Stuart Simmons