Dr. Derek Elsworth

Professor, Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering, and the Center for Geomechanics, Geofluids & Geohazards - Penn State University

Dr. Elsworth is a Professor of Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering and co-founder of the Center for Geomechanics, Geofluids and Geohazards (G3) at Penn State – a center for multidisciplinary studies in rock and fluid physics. He has 30 years of teaching, research and consulting experience in computational mechanics, flow and transport in fractured media focused on reservoir geomechanics. His current research interests focus on understanding the role of fluids on natural and engineered processes in the Earth’s crust, particularly in the evolution of transport and mechanical properties of fractured rocks under the complex action of stress, fluid pressures and chemistry. This work is applied to the deep geological sequestration of radioactive wastes and of CO2, mining, petroleum and to the engineering of geothermal and unconventional reservoirs with extension to volcanic hazards. He is the author of ~170 publications in refereed journals, one authored book and two edited books.. He is the 1987 recipient of the ISRM Manuel Rocha Medal and is recipient of ARMA Case Studies (2011) and Basic Research (2012) Awards.